Posted by: Kate | January 24, 2014

Dear Bike Lady on East Capitol:

I’m glad you let me know that a Kleenex had fallen out of my pocket when I was fumbling for my keys. I was happy to pick it up because I hate litter too. I made quick use of it to wipe away the tears that sprung to my eyes after the way you yelled at me at the end of a long day. I’m guessing you had a long day too and maybe that’s why you were so angry.

I guess it’s easy to assume the worst about people, like you did about me. But if each of us could give and receive a little more compassion every day I think we’d find this world a happier (and more litter free) place.

(Photo credit- P. Sanderson-Kilchenstein)



  1. Sorry you had a tough day today, Kate. Hope you are able to relax somewhat over the weekend. Love, Dad

  2. Wow, I tissue? Obviously she had something else going on! Sorry you took the brunt of it and that I’m offering you support 9 months too late!

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