Posted by: Kate | July 19, 2013

Eleanor is One!

It is still so exciting to realize that Eleanor is one, even though it has already been almost a month since her birthday- whoops!

Eleanor is 1!

I know several Moms who feel sad on their baby’s first birthday, and while I can understand where that nostalgic feeling comes from, my overwhelming feeling is triumphant!

We have already made it a whole year, and Eleanor is thriving, with every day bringing a new skill and adventure.

Eleanor at her 1st Birthday Party

On her actual birthday, Eleanor got to celebrate with cupcakes at school and more cupcakes after our softball game.

SHD, ERD, KRR on Eleanor's birthday

ERD cupcakes

ERD eating cupcake

And then a few days later we hosted family and friends at Yards Park for a fun afternoon of playing in the water
features and celebrating Eleanor’s birthday.

ERD 1st Birthday at Yards Park

photo (39)

photo (35)

Eleanor at a year:

Walks confidently, babbles, waves, claps, high fives, laughs, nurses, eats a wide variety of food with avocado being her favorite, escapes from shoes in mere seconds, explores cabinets, is ready to race over the second the dishwasher or refrigerator opens, loves being in the water, expresses preferences and opinions with sounds, some sign language and lots of pointing, gives great hugs, likes camping, is a good traveler, can’t get enough of playgrounds and swing sets, and generally charms us beyond belief!

E & parents on 1st Birthday

photo (41)


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