Posted by: Kate | May 19, 2013

Camping at Assateague

Last weekend was our friends’ 10th annual camping trip to Assateague Island National Seashore, and Eleanor’s first camping trip ever.

We are so happy that she loved it!






It is always so fun to see Eleanor enjoy activities that we love, and seeing her discover sand (and that it doesn’t taste good) and the feel of the waves on her feet was very cool.

We were lucky that all 20 (!) of our friends on the trip were excited to have Eleanor there and happy to hold and play with her all weekend.

It was also wonderful that Eleanor loved being in the tent and slept soundly for naps and at night – including during a huge storm with lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightning!

It couldn’t have been a better 1st camping trip for Eleanor, and it gives us hope that we are not crazy for planning to take her camping again next weekend and backpacking in June!



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