Posted by: Kate | September 22, 2011

Dear Driver…

Dear Older Woman in the Flashy Silver Sports Car,

Was almost hitting me with your car while you flagrantly ran a red light worth getting home two minutes earlier? When you brandished your middle finger as you accelerated into the intersection did it make you feel proud? Did you think about the fact that you were barreling through an intersection that borders an elementary school softball field? Were you consciously trying to make our neighborhood a more dangerous, less walkable place? Would you have stopped if you had hit me, or just kept going? Since you obviously don’t care about the safety of others, did you at least think about the dent hitting me would have put in your swanky car?

Do you see yourself as an upstanding citizen of Southwest?

You are not.
You are self-centered, selfish, and reckless.

Maybe you think you are above the law. Maybe you come from a long line of bad drivers. Maybe you were having a bad day.

Well, here’s a message from your neighbors in Southwest:
Get it together and stop driving like an asshole.




  1. oh, how terrible! I know the feeling. On top of everything else, giving you the finger made it clear what kind of person she is. Good Riddance. Get her out of SW, but don’t send her to Virginia, please. We have enough of them already.

    To counteract the kind of road rage these incidents create, I have started a personal campaign of blessing those drivers who are considerate and law abiding, especially in traffic situations where many are not. When you start to actively observe how many folks are careful and willing to cut the biker or other driver a break, it gives a happier perspective. My blessing for good drivers this week is to have particularly clear and effective communication with someone they really care about.

    My curse for jerks is ‘what goes around comes around’…..

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