Posted by: Kate | June 21, 2011

Costa Rica Travel Suggestions, Please!

As I’ve mentioned before, Steve is currently working full time and studying for the bar exam which he will take at the end of July.  It’s truly impressive how focused and dedicated he is, and it’s very exciting for both of us that this is the last hurdle before he finishes this journey* called law school.

In addition to trying to stay out of his way, limit distractions, and keep meals ready so he can continue his non-stop studying marathon, I need to get serious about planning our celebratory – ding dong the bar is over – trip!

As some of you may remember, Costa Rica was the runner up in our honeymoon location poll, receiving 37 votes compared to the 42 for Hawaii, so it’s only fitting that Costa Rica will be our next destination!

We are very excited about the trip and we know that many of our friends and family have had wonderful adventures in Costa Rica. We are hoping you will share your experiences and advice to help us make this trip truly wonderful!

Here is what we are planning and thinking so far:

1) We are flying into San Jose, Costa Rica and out of Liberia, Costa Rica, and we have about 10 days.

2) We want to see some of the volcanos, likely the Arenal Volcano.

3) We plan to have some solid beach time and since we will be visiting at the start of rainy season, we have heard that the beaches in the Guanacaste Province, (North-west on the Pacific coast) may be the best bet.

4) We are interested in hiking, water sports, and other fun adventures.

5) We probably want to avoid all-inclusive resorts, and instead try to find unique places to stay and visit.

All advice is appreciated, whether it’s a particular region or town that you enjoyed or would avoid, or recommendations on lodging, restaurants, activities, and anything else you can think of!

Thanks so much for your help in advance! Let the deluge of great ideas begin (feel free to use the comments section or contact us directly!


*also could be referred to as: endless slog, nightmare, ultimate endurance juggling act



  1. We stayed in Guanacaste, and it is beautiful! We stayed in a tiny town called Playa Juanquila, which was very quiet and peaceful. We rented a house that dead ended into the beach. We drove up to Tamarindo, where there is a lot more going on. That could be a cool place to check out. We rented our house through one of those vacation by owner places. If you are going to Guanacaste, you’ll definitely want to rent a solid 4 wheel drive vehicle, because the roads can be a bit sparse. Also, get good directions from a local, because not all of the roads have signs :). We also did one of those canopy/zip line things, which was really fun. I think they have them all over the place. Enjoy!! Imperial is the national beer and they have this great yummy sauce that they put on their food. The pineapple is also delicious! Congrats to Steve on almost being done with this next milestone!

  2. Thanks Marisa! I was wondering where you all got that house! How funny is it that this August we are trading vacation destinations with you all going to Ireland and us to Costa Rica?!

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