Posted by: Kate | June 1, 2011

May 2011 in Photos!

I can hardly believe that it’s already June, and even more shocking is that we’ve already had three 90F+ degree days! Anyway, May 2011 was a very fun and eventful month so I thought a photo diary of the highlights was in order!

May 1

A successful 2011 Washington, DC Rose of Tralee Selection Weekend crowned Dott Henggeler as our 2011 Washington, DC Rose of Tralee! She is already in Ireland getting ready for the Regionals June 2-7! Up the Washington, DC Rose!

May 3

It’s shocking, but it’s been a year since I started my “new” job. There are still times when it seems strange that I don’t work on Capitol Hill anymore, but all in all this has been a fantastic change and I’m still loving my job! So yay for my one year workaversary!

May 5

The Mixed Nuts softball team kicked off it’s 10th Season! I’m proud to say we have been having a blast so far and our record is currently 3-1!

May 13-15

Steve and I (with help from many others) hosted the 8th Annual Assateague Island Beach Camping Trip for 40 friends. It was an absolute blast! Despite the weather being a bit too cold to lay out, it was still perfect for hula hooping, and beach bonfires!

May 22

Holy Moly! This was four years in the making (five if you count studying for and taking the LSAT)! Steve graduated from Georgetown University Law School after four years of working full time and going to school at night! He is amazing.

Here’s Steve receiving his diploma in historic Gaston Hall, which happens to be the same place that I graduated from high school!

I am so proud of him!!

May 24

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been two years since the most amazingly fun party I’ve ever been to, also known as our wedding! It has been a wonderful two years, with many more to come! I couldn’t have a better partner in life!

May 28-30

In an unusual move for us, we actually stayed home and relaxed over Memorial Day weekend, logging some great pool time, visiting with friends, and generally just recharging our batteries.

May 31

After spontaneously deciding to join friends at the Nationals game we were rewarded by successfully sneaking down to amazing seats behind the Nationals dug out, a Nationals win over the Phillies, AND getting on the Jumbo Tron not once but twice! Steve being ever-prepared actually caught our second appearence on camera!

So thanks, May, you were a whole lot of fun! In fact, too much fun for me to have any time to finish the Perfect Work Dress, or start any of the other projects I have piling up, like the Crescent Skirt! Hopefully June will be fun and productive!


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