Posted by: Kate | April 29, 2011

Two Fun-Filled Weeks in Review

Things have been crazy the last couple weeks, but crazy FUN, so who can complain?!

Here are the highlights of my most recent adventures:

1) I spent a weekend in NYC to celebrate my little brother, Kevin’s, birthday!

  • I got to catch up with my bestie, Jody!
  • We saw Ben Stiller and Edie Falco in The House of Blue Leaves (bizarre and fascinating comi-tragedy – plus our audience was a bunch of hard core theater etiquette violators and enforcers – there were at least three totally separate reprimands made by different people throughout the show!!)
  • Helped Kevin and his roommates throw an AWESOME party to celebrate two birthdays among the roomies, and I even got to take a nap on their sun-drenched roof top deck!

  • Had dinner with four of my Aunts and Uncles and two cousins who also happened to be in town! We went to Via Della Pace where the most famous Italian Green Bay Packers fan Gio works!  Who doesn’t love chanting “GO, PACK, GO!” in an Italian restaurant in NYC in April? Did I mention the free limoncello shots?!

2) I had Jury Duty and was selected as a juror for a civil trial!

  • I must project an inherent sense of justice since I am now two for two for making it on jurys!
  • It was a fascinating three day process and I was very pleased that our jury came to a unanimous decision, particularly since I was the foreperson (my previous jury ended up being a mistrial after we were already deliberating!)

3) Spring finally came to Washington, DC! The weather has been pretty glorious (in between the wild tornado producing storms). Although, we do seem to be in a headlong dive towards the uncomfortable, hot, mugginess of summer, which is not quite as exciting.

4) We got to visit with great friends in town from Seattle!

  • The festivities included an awesome, first of the season, crab feast-30th birthday party!
5) The Caps won their first series in the playoffs!!
  • Our house is officially Capitals Crazy so watching the games has been a huge part of the last couple weeks!
  • We are VERY excited to attend a home playoff game and Rock the Red in the 2nd series!
6) Preparations for the 2011 Washington, DC Rose of Tralee Selection this coming weekend!
  • As the 2005 Washington, DC Rose of Tralee and current Director of the Washington, DC Rose of Tralee Centre, Selection weekend is a very exciting and busy time!
  • Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!
Phew! I can’t believe all this fun was packed into the last 2.5 weeks.
Unfortunately, being very busy and the need to make some alterations for fit have prevented me from finishing the Perfect Work Dress, which I was hoping to wear to the 2011 Washington, DC Rose of Tralee Kick Off Reception at the Irish Embassy tonight. Oh well, I have made some progress though, here are a few teaser pictures! More to come soon!


  1. I love how you manage to make jury duty sound fun and fulfilling. You rock! 🙂 Hope the Rose events go well this weekend!!

  2. More details on the jury duty please.

    You were foreperson? What was the case about? Outcome?

    I suppose I can ask you when I see you next but what a tease!

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