Posted by: Kate | April 11, 2011

A Delightful Day in DC

After working 12 days in a row for my job’s big conference, this past weekend couldn’t have been more welcome!

Sunday was a perfect day. It started out with a quick but intense run on the National Mall, then a pleasant bike ride to Eastern Market for brunch with friends. We had a delicious outdoor brunch at Acqua AL2 DC, an Italian restaurant right in the heart of Eastern Market . We enjoyed the sun coming out while we were on the patio, although I’m slightly pink today as a result!

On my bike ride home I decided to check out the new Yards Park which is between 2nd and 4th streets SE, south of N street, near the Nationals Stadium. Having lived in Southwest for over 8 years it has been very exciting to see the increased investment in the area and the revitalization of the waterfront areas in Southwest and near Southeast.

Here are a few pictures from my ride through the Yards Park:

I loved these wavy benches on the boardwalk, and there are also  Adirondack-ish wooden lounge chairs in the terraced gardens that would be good for relaxing.

The Yards Park Boardwalk

The Yards Park also features a visually cool yet somewhat random bridge over a fake canal that was created for the purpose of putting a bridge over it.

The Yards Park Bridge

Ok, actually a little internet research just informed me that the “canal basin” is a reference to a historic canal that once ran from the Anacostia River to the U.S. Capitol Building (I had no idea!). Here’s another neat view of the bridge:

The Yards Park Bridge

After riding all over the Yards Park (there are also two pavilion areas, one with seating, that I didn’t get pictures of), I rode a few blocks over to the Nationals Stadium to check out the new water taxi stands. The Nationals were out of town so it was quiet, but I think it’s pretty cool that people can take water taxis to games!

The Water Taxi Stand for Nationals Park

Not as cool is all the trash in the Anacostia.  Hopefully we will see this river significantly cleaned up in my lifetime.  In the above picture you can also see the Yards Park bridge and boardwalk in the background.

After I got home I started making real progress on the the Perfect Work Dress! Here’s a picture tease. I will hopefully be checking the fit on the bodice tonight. More progress and details should be forthcoming this week!

The Perfect Work Dress, in progress...

To top the day off we had a wonderful dinner with friends and delicious beer at Biergarten Haus on H Street. Sitting in the outdoor beer garden was a great way to finish off a most excellent weekend! Hope you had a great one too!



  1. So you did sweat off the sunscreen!
    I’ve got to check out the riverfront and I hope we can clean it up in my lifetime too 🙂

  2. The Yards Park area was the area in DC I did my thesis for grad school. I remember walking around chain link fences, abandoned lots, and boarded up buildings. I actually couldn’t walk to the waterfront back then (8 years ago) because it was fenced off. I’ll have to come see it now, from the pictures you took it has made so much progress. I agree the bridge over a bridge is a bit weird…I actually had a bridge in close to the same location in my design. Is there somewhere down there to eat or drink yet? Maybe we can meet up there next “bike brunch”?

  3. So jealous — looks like fun!! Can’t wait to see updates on your sewing project. You’ve got me thinking that while I might not be adventurous enough to create a whole new piece of clothing from scratch, it might be fun to get into tailoring/modifying some items I have that just don’t fit right….hmmmm. Do any of the sewing blogs you read write about modification projects?

  4. Kara- this weekend was definitely a good reminder to put small tubes of sunscreen in all my bags!

    Sarah- that is so cool, I had no idea you did your thesis on that neighborhood! Alas I there aren’t any restaurants in or right next to Yards park, although there are a few restaurants in the broader neighborhood, and more on the way! We could always do a biking picnic down there though!

    Jess – I’ll stay on the look out for good tailoring/modifying blogs. I couple of the ones I read do “refashioning” of garments – I’ll try to pass a few sites along!

  5. What a wonderful day! I have a really good friend from home– Mike Payne– who works at the Biergarten Haus on H Street! I hope you enjoyed it enough to maybe go back when I visit this summer. I can’t wait to actually live in DC someday soon so I can have lovely weekend outings again, which was definitely one of my favorite parts of being there that summer 🙂

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