Posted by: Kate | March 30, 2011

My Next Project…The Perfect Work Dress

I have a ridiculous tendency to over-schedule myself because I have this crazy idea that I shouldn’t miss out on any fun! As a result, I frequently pack too many activities and commitments in to the weekends and end up feeling worn out instead of rested on Sunday night.

But, last weekend we had a pretty light schedule during the day and it was wonderful! In addition to catching up with a few friends over brunch and a great workout, I was able to get started on my next project – Vogue V8409.

I first came across this pattern when I saw Gertie’s version and I thought View A would make a great work wardrobe staple that I can wear in several seasons (although not during the worst of the Washington, DC summer)!

I am using a purple double knit and I’m pretty excited about it so far!

This past weekend I cut out all the pieces for the dress and fused the interfacing on the appropriate pieces.

Unfortunately, I forgot to buy thread and a zipper when I bought this fabric (whoops!) so I couldn’t make any more progress than that. But cutting always seems like the harder/more boring part to me so it’s nice to have that done!

We have our big conference at work starting this weekend and going in to next week, so I’ll be picking this up again after that!

Hope you are having a great week!



  1. great pattern!…but the fabric looks blue, not purple to me. I guess this is an on going difference of opinion!!

    With a really great pattern like this, you can select a very summery fabric, and you will be surprised how well it will work even in DC heat….remember the AC is on at work….I wear long sleeves all year, probably more in the summer than the winter!! It also has potential sleeveless as a dress or jumper.

    A few more sewing projects, and you will have a supply of thread in enough colors to get you through the first few steps!!
    Lets talk about the zipper before you get there…I am assuming it is down the back (not up the side??). They are not as hard as they look, and sometimes you can put them in before you attach the back to the front….makes it a much more flat work.

  2. Thanks Mom! Yea – the fabric looks more blueish than it actually is in these photos – I think even you would think it is purple in person!

    I am excited about having sleeves for the work place and trying this pattern in another fabric (assuming I like the end product!)

    I will definitely be seeking some supervision on the zipper – it is in the back.

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