Posted by: Kate | March 24, 2011

Marquette in the Sweet Sixteen Tomorrow!!

As a die-hard Marquette Basketball fan who for the last 13 years has been 100% obsessed, seeing Marquette in the Sweet Sixteen is like a dream!

A sugary, wonderful, magical, yet anxiety producing dream!

After a regular season chock full of freakishly close games, many of them losses to top 25 teams, it feels incredible to see the team perform so well on the grandest stage in college sports.

And it also feels pretty good to be part of the visionary 6.2% of ESPN brackets that predicted Marquette making it to the Sweet Sixteen – WOOT!

So, in preparation for tomorrow’s game, I’d like to help YOU get familiarized with the Marquette Warriors/Golden Eagles!!

1) Meet My Favorite Player, Jimmy “The Gazelle” Butler

The reasons I love Jimmy Butler are numerous: he is a strong Senior leader, he stays under control and focuses emotion on playing well, his number is a palindrome, he is athletically graceful (like a gazelle), and he wears a blue and gold mouth guard that makes him look like he is missing a front tooth, but he’s not!

2) Meet a Playmaker: Darius Johnson-Odom or DJO

DJO is a passionate Junior who can drive to the basket and score the game winning 3-pointer to send Marquette to the Sweet Sixteen! I love his intensity (not to be confused with the Marquette Dance Team). I have full confidence that this North Carolina native can help lead Marquette to a win over the Tar Heels!

3) Meet a Player with Heart, Junior Cadougan

Junior is a Sophomore with an incredibly positive attitude and amazing potential, plus he’s a Canuck – what’s not to like about that? After being out most of last season with a ruptured Achilles Tendon, he has started to turn it on this year. Not only is he an unselfish player but when he is lighting it up, Marquette wins. Let’s see it tomorrow night!

4) Meet The Passionate Coach, Buzz Williams.

Seriously- watch the video. I love this guy!

There are many other AWESOME players on Marquette – who’s your favorite?

Hopefully you are now convinced to root for Marquette tomorrow night – what’s not to love about a fun, spirited, underrated team from Milwaukee?! (Plus -any of you other Big East fans should be cheering for us if only so the conference can save face!)

So, go ahead, turn the volume up, and join me in Ringing Out Ahoya!

And, you should definitely check this hilarious video out too!




  1. Um…this post has me FIRED UP! MU RAH RAH!! xoxo

  2. I have to add Otule and Crowder to your list. They both have been amazing this year! Crowder can post up, knock down 3’s, and distribute the ball to other scorers. Watching Otule develop this year into a quality big man has been a dream. While i could go on about our great individual players, it is our team defense that has gotten us to this point. Slap the floor, “we are.. Marquette!”

  3. Woot! Part of why I didn’t add another player to my list is that I wouldn’t have been able to decide between Otule and Crowder. Otule has stepped it up BIG time, and like Cadougan – when Crowder gets hot Marquette wins!

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