Posted by: Kate | March 8, 2011

My First Baby Blanket Project!

My Mom’s family has a wonderful tradition of making quilts to celebrate life’s momentous occasions. Some of my favorite sewing memories are helping my mom make quilts for her siblings on the occasion of their weddings.

I think my Mom would talk to her siblings about general color schemes and then she would go out and buy fabric for the quilts.  Almost all of the quilts were log cabin designs involving numerous patterned fabrics. We would cut the fabric into the correct size strips and assemble packages with a sample square and all the materials to make more squares. Then we’d mail the packages out to all my Mom’s siblings (she’s the oldest of seven!) so each of them could make some of the quilt squares.  The next time the family got together everyone would bring their (hopefully) completed squares and my mom would sew them all together and finish the quilt! To this day I love seeing these gorgeous, family-made quilts in my Aunts’ and Uncles’ homes!

SO…In light of my renewed interest in sewing, I decided to try to continue this wonderful tradition of making a quilt to celebrate life’s big events, particularly when they involve welcoming a new person into a family! Lucky for me, there is a serious baby epidemic going on amongst all my friends and first on deck for a baby blanket, Baby Boy Peters!

We got an invitation to our friends’ AWESOME Baby Shower/Cocktail Party (!), and after checking out their registry I bought some super snuggly fabric I thought would work with their general color scheme and started figuring out how to actually make this blanket!

It went pretty smoothly and I have to say I was thrilled with the results!!

The trickiest part was putting the satin binding on the edge of the blanket. You can see in the picture above that the binding has a tendency to ripple as you sew it. I also underestimated how much binding I would need to go around the corners!! I ended up having to break into a 2nd package of binding for an extra six inches, but I definitely learned several good lessons on working with satin binding and it turned out fine anyway!

Steve and I were thrilled to help The Peters celebrate the upcoming arrival of their Baby Boy!

Now we’ll just have to see if I can keep up with the onslaught of babies, and of course I need to think of something special to do for those fabulous babes who were born before my sewing revival started!



  1. Love the baby blanket, and the photos of the handprint quilt. Did we make you a pillow of the blue Courthouse steps quilt??? I think that looks like the Danby/Faupl quilt, but not totally sure.

    The trick with the binding, is LOTS OF PINS, and then lifting the quilt as it goes through so it does not have to pull against gravity. This is where my sewing machine with the feed dogs on top and bottom really works well.

    Love your new sewing enthusiasm. Any more joint projects in the works??

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