Posted by: Kate | March 1, 2011

A Fabulous Vacation in British Columbia and Seattle!

One of several band photos from the trip!It’s amazing how beneficial a real vacation is!

We just got back from a fabulous 10 day trip to the Pacific Northwest and I feel happy, rested, and inspired – all of which will be good for more tough battles at work and our busy social schedule!

Here’s a little peek into our vacation! After flying into Seattle late on a Friday night we drove straight up to Whistler where friends had already settled in at our homey rental cabin. Unfortunately, between a delayed flight, a few errands on the drive up (including the duty free store and a 7-11 in Squamish to get discounted lift tickets!) and a bit of a wait at the border, we didn’t arrive in Whistler until 5am –eeeeek!

We slept for a few hours and then rallied for a hard core, non-stop, half day on the slopes to get our ski-adventures started.

We were in Whistler until Wednesday night enjoying great snow and 3.5 skiing days including a few bluebirds!!

Wednesday night we drove to Vancouver and had a great time touring around the city for a couple days visiting Stanley Park, and Capilano Suspension Bridge. We were also thrilled to go to Rogers Arena and see a Canucks win!

So glad I'm not afraid of heights! All five goals in the game were scored right in front of us!

We drove back to Seattle for the weekend, stopping in Bellingham, WA to check out Boundary Bay Brewery. It was great to conclude our trip with a relaxing few days with good friends in Seattle, including a hike in Discovery Park, and a few more micro-brew tastings (The Jolly Roger Tap Room and Hale’s Ales.

The top ten things about our trip to the Pacific Northwest:

1) Getting on the Jumbotron at the Canucks game (YAY)!

2) As much hot-tubbing as I could fit into five days!

3) No mobile email access for over a week – I’ve got to remember to unplug more frequently!

4) Lots of fun times with new and old friends!

5) Delicious food and drink for 10 days!

6) Bootpacking to Blackcomb Glacier to ski awesome long runs in wonderful snow!

7) Sampling more high-quality micro-brews than I can count!

8 ) Being a part of several hilarious “album cover” photos

9) Enjoying being tired from playing hard instead of working hard!

10) Coming home truly rejuvenated 🙂

Our band pic in the Peak to Peak Gondola at Whistler!

What should our album be named?



  1. OMG, I’m soooooooo jealous. Looks like it an awesome, well-deserved vacation. If only real vacations weren’t so much work to plan, I might manage to take one more often myself! 🙂

  2. Great post Kate! I’m thinking the album should be called “Gondola Rides to Heaven.” I’m still wondering what our band name is…

  3. Thanks Jess! It was a truly great vacation! being gone for more than 7 days really helps you relax! Plus a variety of activities was perfect– we got a lot of skiing and a little bit of everything else!

    @ Brian – ooohh I like Gondola Rides to Heaven! Maybe our band name should be All-time Epic!

  4. Sounds awesome! Wish I could have gone with you guys, and I need to start planning our vacation soon. Sorry to hear about Brian’s sholder though! xoxo

  5. Thanks! It would have been awesome to have you guys there 🙂

    Brian hurting his shoulder was a real bummer, but he was a trooper and made the most of the whole trip. And I got to check out the Canadian healthcare system (at the Whistler medical clinic) at work – pretty smooth set up if you ask me!

  6. OMG, that bridge is on my bucket list! I’m just going to direct my fiancé to your vacation post as a how-to guide. I’ve been dying to get back to the Pacific Northwest for years.

  7. Hi Gwen! The bridge was awesome! More expensive than I had thought ($27) but very cool. Congrats on your engagement!

  8. Awesome! Sounds like SUCH a great trip. We’re on a trip of our own, but yours sounds somehow more relaxing.

  9. Yay, a trip to my town! Woot! And isn’t Whistler AMAZING?

    Insider tip: there’s another suspension bridge in the same neighbourhood, it’s called Lynn Canyon and it’s FREE. Not quite as impressive, but still really great!

  10. Thanks for the tip! We’ll have to check out Lynn Canyon next time! Between our great friends who live in Seattle and our love of skiing, we are bound to be back in British Columbia at some point!

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