Posted by: Kate | February 17, 2011

Fun and Easy Recent Sewing Projects – Part 1!

In addition to the idea of making awesome new clothes for myself, one of the fun parts about having a sewing a machine (and remembering how to use it) is being able to take on minor sewing projects for myself and others.

One of the quick projects I tackled recently was letting the hem down on a pair of my work pants. Unfortunately I have a chronic problem with accidentally buying pants that are too short for me. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. I’m fairly tall,
  2. I never bring normal work shoes with me to wear while shopping.
  3. I’m not a good shopper.

The result is that I now almost always wear flats at work and I force myself to buy the tallest pants available, because if I think they are too long they will actually turn out just right!

At any rate, between making the Pendrell Muslin and my actual Pendrell Blouse, I took advantage of the black thread in my machine and let the hem out on a pair of black suit pants. The suit is actually an interesting material, a stretchy woven with the weight of light jean.

The project was pretty easy, I ripped out the seam for the original hem, then did several rounds of ironing to try to remove the crease from the previous hem. Then I just measured out the smallest hem possible, ironed, and sewed it up! the result is an additional inch of length on these pants!

As you can see, the crease from the previous hem is still faintly visible, but not noticeable when I’m actually wearing the pants. Hopefully it will eventually go away. It was an uneventful and satisfying project. And while I’ll still be wearing flats with these pants, they are no longer truly high waters!



  1. One of the best ways to get the old crease out is to get a tea towel wet, squeeze it out, and then use it as a pressing cloth, with your iron a bit hotter than the fabric would normally use, and the wet cloth between the iron and the pants, there will be a lot of steam. and the old crease will be gone or much reduced.

    Naturally, do this ONLY if the pants are clean, as you don’t want to make a permanent mark of any hem dirt that is there.

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